Happy 2018!


One of my new years resolutions, and I guess the purpose of this website is to include more wildlife experiences in my travels. While I originally planned to spend the year in Asia, a few weeks ago I was offered an amazing opportunity to visit a different continent, one which is renowned for it’s wildlife.



Can you guess where?

No? Yes?


It’s fine, I’ll tell you anyway.

In February I’m flying to Africa, Kenya specifically, to spend a month volunteering with whale sharks, dolphins and turtles. The organisation I’ll be volunteering with is run by a swedish man who runs conservation efforts in Diani beach, Kenya. Diani beach, in case you haven’t heard of it (I hadn’t) looks like paradise.

2009 6 107 Kenya Diani Beach

CC Image via Flickr by Joao Maximo


Specifically, I’ll be using my drone to help spot whale sharks, as well as helping to tag and identify dolphins, turtles and other sea creatures. While I don’t have too many details at this point, I know some other tasks may include helping at the local school and a few other conservation related tasks.


While we’re not quite doing the normal volunteer program, due to the drone flying, the company does offer normal volunteer opportunities for those who are interested. They seem to do all the same tasks we’ll be doing, minus the flying of drones. I will of course write a post on my experiences and give you more details about the project after I’ve completed it, incase it sounds as amazing to you as it does for me.


CC Image via Flickr by Giorgio Montersino  (also cover image)



Some of the wildlife experiences I’ll be doing in that first month include:

  • tracking, identifying and swimming with wild dolphins and turtles, possibly even whale sharks
  • helping with animal conservation efforts
  • visiting a colobus monkey sanctuary
  • visiting the nearby Shimla Hills which has a healthy population of elephants


After the volunteer experience a friend and I will continue to travel around Kenya and then visit a few different countries in southern and eastern africa. While we haven’t got our plans settled just yet, you can bet I’m planning on a big five safari, cage shark diving and spotting swimming penguins.


I can’t wait to share 2018 with you all on my new blog and indulge in as many wildlife experiences as possible to share with you. In addition to writing blog posts about the next  4 – 6 months in Africa, I’ll also be making a thrice weekly vlog on my Youtube channel. I’ve got a few trips to get through (Europe, South Korea, China, Japan) but will eventually put the Africa vlogs up.


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Hope you all have a great 2018!